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manufacturer and supplier of eco products from Russia


we help selling!

6 years of successful operation in the market!
  • 5 regions: Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, USA, Europa
  • 216 cities
  • 2000 regular customers
you need minimal effort to sell our products!
Striking and selling packaging will do it for you!
combination of traditional technologies and modern equipment
We do not amend the classic recipe, producing products on a base of modern equipment.
we are ready to cooperate and are open to dialogue
We carry out small and large wholesale
combination of traditional technologies and modern equipment
+50 new products every year.
problem of expired products will be solved!
Reamaining shelf life of products is not less than 85%. Shelf life from 8 to 24 months.

why it is profitable for you to cooperate with us:

high margin
The average margin is 80%
wide range
You can fill the store assortment with one order
website and social networks content
Fast access to photo and video material.
convenient delivery options (by ship and truck)
sale tools
You receive POS materials, branded racks and tasting kits with your order.
your promotion
Social media publication and blogger advertisin
We are ready to offer production of products under the brand of your company (own brand)

one supplier - more than 200 eco products


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coconut condensed milk

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peanut and coconut spreads

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honey, honey desserts, nuts in honey

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70 types of jam

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fermented ivan tea

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ghee oil and coconut oil

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buckwheat tea and matcha

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our superpowers:

fast order submission
After paying for the order, we ship it to the shopping mall within 1-3 days
competent calculation
We have learned to calculate the approximate value of orders for manufacturing products on demand, so we always send only fresh products.
ability to surprice
We regularly hold promotions (discounts, gifts). Therefore, each order will come with a pleasant bonus.
We work officially. We conclude an agreement in which we prescribe all the terms of cooperation. we provide certificates for our products.
friendly attitude
A special loyalty program has been developed for our clients.
we are always here to help
If a problem with the content of the website occurs, we will provide additional photo and video materials.
Our managers are always in touch and ready to resolve any kind of issue. Even if there is an issue during transportation, we will contact the shopping mall. Any question about on order or product - we are in touch.

our partners

new customer growth and sales geography

Our products are actively sold in:
  • - 4 countries: Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, USA
  • - 73 regions
  • - 216 largest cities of the Russian Federation and the CIS
We have over 2,000 regular customer.

The demand for eco-friendly products is increasing every year, you can tell it from the graph of the new customer growth.

Each of them reorders approximately every 3 weeks.